Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Linsey Burritt & Jenny Kendler Exhibition Information - Early thaw of the northwest passage - @ barbara&barbara gallery

Jenny Kendler から展示会の告知が届いていた。
今回はLinsey Burrittとのコラボレーションで開催されるインスタレーション。
"Early thaw of the Northwest Passage"、つまり「北西航路の早い雪解け」というタイトルの、北極をテーマにしたインスタレーションということらしい。
2010年の4月24日から、シカゴのbarbara&barbara galleryで開催される。

Linsey Burritt and Jenny Kendler
Early thaw of the northwest passage barbara&barbara gallery
Opening Reception: April 24th, 6:30-11pm
(The show runs for a month, with gallery hours by appointment)

Early Thaw of the Northwest Passage, an installation by artistic collaborators Linsey Burritt and Jenny Kendler, explores the space between historical and contemporary conceptions of the Arctic --- a place which remains both a romanticized and unknown realm of wonder/terror, while simultaneously representing the objective reality of Climate Change. The Northwest Passage becomes a conceptual vehicle throughout the work, echoed by other passages: a passage for the movement of breath, passages to view the unknown, the act of passage as a way to new understanding.

Upon entering the gallery, the viewer finds themselves outside an ice cave constructed of meticulously folded origami forms. Secret portals allow one to to peer into the cave's dream-like interiors, through the snow-frosted exterior gallery window or hand-crafted golden telescopes.

These hidden worlds suggest a visceral bodily understanding of nature, born of surrender into this territory of otherness. This form of "peripheral" observance nurtures an alternate method for the exploration of our relationship to this sublime otherness, where melting no longer connotes an act of loss, but becomes a generative act, blending disparate elements into a new whole.

The gallery walls will host prints by The Endangered Species Print Project, including works by Barnaby Whitfield, Christopher Reiger, Alison Wheeler, Aaron Johnson, Matthew Hilshorst, Noah Scalin, Judith Hoffman, John Vilhauer, and ESPP Founders Molly Schafer & Jenny Kendler. For each print, the number created mirrors the population of the animal/plant depicted, with 100% of print sales supporting that species's future survival.

barbara&barbara gallery
1021 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60622


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